A Hollow Cry

After Life series #1

They told me I had to unleash my inner demon.


The only sure thing in the world is that no one is getting out alive. And yet, Nora McKinley is learning that there is so much more to living and dying. After being sucked into the world of grim Reapers, soul tempting demons and the unageing power of witches, it is revealed that she isn’t as mundane as she once thought. The coveted power of a Banshee now has her pushing herself to try and find her own voice. But time is running out. And Nora is about to find out just how finite the hand of Death can be. 

A Tainted Light

After Life series #2

It took losing my heart to find my voice.


With the Banshee finally out of its cage, Nora McKinley must learn to control its power. Even with the help of the most unlikely of people, she will have to fight harder than ever before. But her heart’s been ripped from her chest and her head's not in the game. If she fails, there will be Hell on earth. Even if she succeeds, a different kind of darkness may creep in, showing the world that not all light is as pure as it seems. Can she take govern her new found strength? Or will the darkness swallow her whole?

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Reader Reviews

"I stayed up past my bedtime last night to finish your book because I had to know what was gonna happen. I had to keep asking myself the whole time I was reading it, “How is this her first book?”. It is very good. It kept me hooked from the start. I read a lot of books so I have a lot to compare it to and it exceeded my expectations. Plot was well thought out, the vocabulary you used to describe things was very nice. Some books can sometimes circle in the middle with filler to make the book longer but I thought everything you wrote added a needed piece to the story. You have a great imagination and I can’t wait to read your next book. Awesome job girl!" - Kim Slater​

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