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There is more to life than simply living and dying. Changelings vouch for those destined for Heaven, while Reapers lurk around to collect those whose souls are damned. Welcome to the world after life. Nora McKinley was once like every other mortal, blind to the community centered around the death of others. Little does she actually know that she's a Banshee. She holds to power to siphon the souls of those around her. Now she must fight to master the Banshee and its powers. Some want her dead. Others want to control her inner demon. Does she have what it takes to unleash the Banshee? Or will she fail and suffered from the hands of Death themselves?

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"I'm a writer, and I will write what I want to write." - J.K. Rowling

Bee Douglas resides with her family in a small town in Ohio. She is known for being a professional book hoarder. That's how most writers start out, right? Wanting to see their own name on the cover of a best seller next to their favorite authors? That's where her dream of becoming an author all began. In between writing and planning her next project, she enjoys hockey and game nights.

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