All Aboard the Struggle Bus

We’ve all been there, hopping on the bus and riding it straight to Writer’s Row. It’s more commonly known as Writer’s Block and it’s bitch to get out of.

Being a writer means that you know have your own unique way of doing things. That’s one of the best and worst things about writing too. There is no wrong or right way. It’s all about finding what works for you and running with it. It’s taken a very long time to find my writing style. And yet, I’m still learning. I’m trying new things to get the words out. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t.

I envy pantsers for than ever. I wish I could piece together a cohesive story just from the thoughts milling around in my head. Beth Revis created the Paper Hearts series for writers, which includes the Paper Hearts Workbook. That was a lifesaver when I first started out. She made navigating a book layout a heck of a lot easier. Brittany Wang and Bethany Atazadeh did a Youtube series based on Save the Cat! It goes much deeper into outlining a book, while also giving a writer the creative freedom they need. Taking the beat sheets for StC! And the different tactics in the PHW, I’ve found a happy medium that works for me.

Formatting was something I thought would be a piece of cake. Ha! Joke. It took me forever and a day to format A Hollow Cry. And when I was finally happy with it, I found out that the file got messed up on the KDP side and two of the chapters got messed up. Don’t ask me how. I don’t know. Luckily I found them. But I don’t know how many purchased copies were messed up. That is something that bothers me. Whenever I read a book, especially from self-published authors, any layout issue or major spelling/grammatical issue pops out at me. So now there’s I don’t know how many copies of AHC out in the world that are messed up, and the reader is probably thinking I’m an idiot. Because of that, I all but pulled teeth to get A Tainted Light’s layout down pat.

Followers! Yes, that’s something I struggle with. I actually just had a conversation with one of my good friends. She has also found something in life that has made her motivated and passionate about her work. She has to maintain a social media platform. She gave me a few tips and tricks on how to actually get more followers and, in turn, more readers. One thing I discovered myself is to keep the hashtags forever changing. If you use the same hashtag on every post, the less likely it is that your post will pop up first. For example, if you use #blue on every single post, you won’t be popping up as frequently. New hashtags are great to reach different audiences and make sure your content is reaching people.

Writer’s struggle. Even the best hit rough patches. I’ve struggled more than my fair share and I know that won’t be the last. I hope this post helped in showing you that it’s okay to come across issues. It’s play to not know what you’re doing. And it’s okay to try new things or adapt your old ways.

Until next time, work hard busy bees!


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